This website collects all kinds of traces and materials produced before, during and after the Cqrrelations worksession, organized by Constant in 2015 in Bruxelles.

It is an aggregation of different types of content from the server(s) running during the worksession: the content of the file server where files were shared in-between participants, re-ordered by project; the "dump" of the Etherpad installation used to take notes during the worksession; the sound recordings of different presentations that happened during the two weeks; and the video recording of the public event 'Big Data Discrimination' that took place during the second week.

In June 2016 we gathered again to launch this site and refresh our look at certain cqrrelations. The audio recordings of this moment are collected here, too.

This is an attempt to collect the different stages of the experiments and the encounters that happen at a collective event, in a way that stays consistent with the techniques and the approaches involved in the event itself. For this reason the website is mainly consisting of the autoindex function of the Apache webserver, which by default lists all the files inside a web folder.