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Cqrrelation is poetry to the statistician. It is science to the dissident. It is detox to the data-addict.

Cqrrelation is a typo-enhanced notion. It can also be pronounced as crummylation, crappylation, queerylation… These words try to hint at different shadowy elements of statistics and computing, and more specifically, at the problematic use of those disciplines to correlate big amounts of data and create models to determine reality and life based on parameters, criteria, numbers.

A cqrrelation is a correlation with impurities, with missing, invisible, broken or suspicious data. Differently from a correlation, it does not pretend to be neutral, its relation with digital traces is not innocent. Allowing irony and speculation to contaminate empirical models and logical truths, a cqrrelation questions its capacity to produce models or truths, and happily undermines its own authority. It will also obstaculate the practice of a correlation, if deemed necessary.

A cqrrelation is a correlation that is complicated by non-statistical constraints. We think computing and statistical techniques can be great tools for that, but there are many other tools to complement them; one should also be able to engage her own body, her own voice, touch objects and talk to people.

A cqrrelation perceives objects behind the data, and these objects can have a sweet taste or a nasty smell. In return, the relation it creates may also be sticky or irritating.

A cqrrelator breaks the statistician’s oath by committing the sin of becoming emotional with data. And this generates even more data.



Cqrrelations is a work session lasting from 12 till 23 January 2015, in which a wide range of forms of life coming from different backgrounds in arts, literature, science and computing will gather to reflect on the influence of models and digital traces over our daily reality and language.
The work session is a space for theories and practices, for experiments, discussions, prototypes… Human and non-human (in-)expertise will facilitate the exploration the topic. Parts of the process will be documented on this platform, possibly to end up in some forms of publication later on.

Organised by Constant with the support of deBuren
Public events are organised in collaboration with deBuren, CPDP and Recyclart

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