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* Monday 12 January till Friday 23 January: Work session
Mon-Fri 10-18h, limited places, reservation necessary
Program  WEEK 1 : Data portraits of a potato                            
Program WEEK 2 : The nearest neighbours inherit from their Gold1000-parents
: Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren, rue Léopold straat 9, 1000 Brussels, metro De Brouckère
With the support of Vlaams-Nederlands Huis, deBuren

* Thursday 15 January: Sharing ideas
18.30h: Dinner for participants of the work session
20.00h: Start presentations   
The group of artists, geeks, hackers, programmers, researchers that will be part of the work session in deBuren, will present a first overview of their ideas. With a.o. collective performance of two algorithms prepared by Adva Zakai & An Mertens.
AddressRecyclart, Ursulinenstraat 21 Rue des Ursulines, 1000 Brussels, metro Gare Centrale, tram Anneessens
In collaboration with Recyclart

* Thursday 22 January: Discrimination & Big Data
Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren, start 19h30
CPDP and Constant organise an evening program in deBuren around the shadow effects of Big Data. Researchers and experts Geoffrey Bowker, Solon Barocas and Antoinette Rouvroy will present us their latest ideas, and will comment on some of the local Brussels’ experiments developed and framed by a group of artists during their residency in deBuren. Their respective views will be challenged by moderator Seda Gürses and the people present in the audience.
Geoffrey Bowker is a respected voice in the reflection on Big Data and the importance of looking at the values represented in the design of knowledge systems. Antoinette Rouvroy coined the concept of ’Algorithmic government’, to name decision making that is based on statistics. Solon Barocas is . Solon Barocas is a postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University and Seda Gürses is ex-Brussels inhabitant and post-doctoral researcher at New York University.
Address: Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren, rue Léopold straat 9, 1000 Brussels, metro De Brouckère
In collaboration with deBuren and CPDP

* Friday 23rd January: Cqrrelating Compositions & Party
21h: Concerts
22h30: DJ’s
Data can be analysed, correlated and cqrrelated, discussed, visualised, and sonorised. During a live-coding concert Alexandra Cárdenas, a Colombian composer living in Berlin, will cqrrelate some of the data the artists in deBuren experimented with. Afterwards Belgian mathematician and musician Valery Vermeulen offers us a first listening of Krystall Ball, a composition on the base of econometric data, algorithms and models that shape the global financial industries. His sound waves will be taken on by dj’s and transformed in a steaming dance experience.
Address: Halles de Schaerbeek, Koninklijke Sinte-Mariastraat 22a Rue Royale Ste Marie, 1030 Brussels, metro Botanique, tram 94 Ste Marie–Accès
In collaboration with deBuren and CPDP

* Friday 30th January: Cqrrelations @ Transmediale
18h30-20h Central stage of café
Dick Reckard, An Mertens, Brendan Howell and Catherine Lenoble will present some ideas developed during ’Cqrrelations’ (pronounce crummylations, querylations…), the latest Constant work session in Brussels. The work session was inspired by their work with Algolit, the Constant workgroup which deals with the intersection of text, language and code. They experimented amongst other things with text analysis tools developed by researchers from CLiPS at the University of Antwerp. The session used datasets built from large corpora of natural language to build systems that can accurately guess the gender and age of writers and even find probable lies in written text. After the presentation they will perform the Markov Chain algorithm using analog techniques.
Address: Haus der Kulturen der Welt John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin, D

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