Art practises

A first rough list of interesting references in art:

– Dave Young & co, The Data Ethics Working Group, a collaborative research team using art to explore public interaction with data access, exchange and retrieval systems, and the ethical implications of data ownership:
– Nicolas MalevĂ© & MichaelMurtaugh:
– Oiko-nomic Threads: using Hardware hacking: Brother KH-950i knitting machine, Arduino DUE microprocessor, Custom PCB board, Rotary encoder, Hall sensors – Software: Arduino, C++, OpenCV
– Visualising Information for Advocacy, Tactical Tech:
– Mark Lombardi: drawings
– Cloud Face by Shinseungback Kimhongyung using Processing & OpenCV
in the press:
– Patrick Tresset, 5 robots named Paul (developed at Goldsmiths):
– Geraldine Juarez, FAT
– soundtrack: Ashra: Correlations
– Jan Robert Leegte Randomselection in random image
– Evan Roth’s latest, based on Wikipedia DB