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Launch publication

[FR plus bas] [NL onderaan] We are very happy to invite you to the launch of the online Cqrrelations publication. As one year counts for ten in the world of Cqrrelations, we thought it might be interesting to transform this gathering into another reflection moment. The following guests will be sharing their latest ideas with […]

The Annotator

This report started out as a README that would accompany the published feature of pattern.en.paternalism, an addition we wanted to propose to the Pattern natural language processing Python toolkit. The feature would detect if and to what extent a text could be considered ‘paternalist’. Machine-learning algorithms that partially automate data processing still need to be […]

Random list of tools – not tested

– – GPL – Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. – – peer 2 peer search engine, tu installes base de données de sites indexés – – mind-mapping software – – database (sql) editor – – visualisation of relation between websites – ( […]

Information about the Author of a text

These are the kind of personality tests scientific researchers ask their contributors to take part in, so they can analyze their publications based on a series of personality parameters: In 2012 some anonymous proceeds at the mass scan of the whole Internet by creating a Botnet of unprotected devices.. then releases all […]

Language sets to use

The researchers of CLiPS who will introduce us to their tool Pattern for Python, have all their test corpusses available online:

Text & image datasets – extracting data from wikipedia – Kate Rich – evan roth graffiti analysis – to download: – correspondance mail Stratfor

Databases Europe

– overview of open data: – – –


A series of Open Datasets for Brussels: – relatively new initiative to collect open data about Brussels, Open data Brussels: – Brussels Institute for Statistics BIS (Benoît Laine will guide us on 13-1) in excel : – GIS Mapping community for BXL: – Brussels Institute for Environmental Issues BIM/IBGE: – Region […]


We found on the way: – international platforms of self-trackers, they believe that their data will express something… There is a shared conviction among self-trackers that the devices recording their behaviors are more honest than any friend, mentor or counselor will ever be, to such a degree that the objectivity of their data can […]

Art practises

A first rough list of interesting references in art: – Dave Young & co, The Data Ethics Working Group, a collaborative research team using art to explore public interaction with data access, exchange and retrieval systems, and the ethical implications of data ownership: – Nicolas Malevé & MichaelMurtaugh: – Oiko-nomic Threads: using […]