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Launch publication

[FR plus bas] [NL onderaan] We are very happy to invite you to the launch of the online Cqrrelations publication. As one year counts for ten in the world of Cqrrelations, we thought it might be interesting to transform this gathering into another reflection moment. The following guests will be sharing their latest ideas with […]

The Annotator

This report started out as a README that would accompany the published feature of pattern.en.paternalism, an addition we wanted to propose to the Pattern natural language processing Python toolkit. The feature would detect if and to what extent a text could be considered ‘paternalist’. Machine-learning algorithms that partially automate data processing still need to be […]

Documentation of the worksession

All documentation that was made during the worksession is listed here, free to download. Feel free to use it – it is Free Art Licensed. * the debate ‘Big Data and Discrimination‘: *** video recording: *** sound recording: * working process *** audio recordings of presentations: *** notes, scripts, images: *** […]