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Information about the Author of a text

These are the kind of personality tests scientific researchers ask their contributors to take part in, so they can analyze their publications based on a series of personality parameters: In 2012 some anonymous proceeds at the mass scan of the whole Internet by creating a Botnet of unprotected devices.. then releases all […]

Language sets to use

The researchers of CLiPS who will introduce us to their tool Pattern for Python, have all their test corpusses available online:

TAFTA documents from La Quadrature du Net

In negotiation since July 2013, TAFTA, the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (also known as TTIP, for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is a proposed trade agreement between the European Union and the United States of America that would affect, among other, access to medicine, food safety and establish a new investor-state dispute settlement mechanism. Negotiations, […]

TTIP debate in EU parliament

Parltrack: European Parliament Legislative Observatory :

EU negotiating texts in TTIP The so-called ‘textual proposals’ published today set out the EU’s specific proposals for legal text that has been tabled in the proposed TTIP. They set out actual language and binding commitments which the EU would like to see in the parts of the agreement covering regulatory and rules issues. The eight EU textual proposals […]