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Dear Patarrelqtors here is a quote (about metamodeling of node-link networks) I extrapolated from one of our reference books: Anna Munster’s An Aesthesia of Networks. “To metamodel networks we must ask how the network as node-link figure or as assemblage for predicting behaviour has arisen. Metamodeling networks is a way of thinking networking as process […]

Food & EU policy – references

Some references by Karin Ulmer, in preparation for her talk on Monday 12-1: * European Commission Trade: * (ex) Commissioner on Trade De Gucht (fun !) : Reporter confronts EU-Commissioner with their own ordered study. Published on Feb 3, 2014. Karel De Gucht (European Commissioner for Trade) has to answer a lot of […]

What is an important event? 175 million events and counting

Even a moderate sized media platforms like, a social coding site widely used by software developers, record millions of events. Such sites, with their millions of projects, participants, groups and organisations, can be understood as expressions of contemporary social life. But given such vast and complex forms of expression, how can social researchers get […]

Las patatas y las cosas

Siguiendo a Emmánuel Lizcano, “no hay ‘una’ patata”. ¿Cómo explicar unas formas que nos maravillan, que captan nuestra atención con independencia de nuestros criterios intelectuales, nuestros gustos o nuestras definiciones? Las imágenes, historias, mitos y tradiciones sobre las patatas representan un cóctel insólito de saberes y sabores, errores e ilusiones, historias y locuras. El seminario […]

Because humans are vulnerable to discovering patterns

But before you start searching through your first data set we should warn you about a real danger that’s present whenever you explore data: you’re likely to find patterns that aren’t really there. The human mind is designed to find patterns in the world and will do so even when those patterns are just quirks […]