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Local server

During Cqrrelations there will be a local server installed at deBuren. You can access it via wireless or wired connection, by typing this address in a browser:

In the local server’s home page there’s a link to the “start” page of
a local Etherpad installation.
We invite you to co-document lectures, presentations, discussions and work-in-progress on this platform.
In order to create a new page, change the url to a new name, or just type [[My New Page]] in a pad and click on the link that appears.
The idea is to push some of the pads to at regular intervals, publishing only the pages that are linked from the start page. So just remove links to pages that you want to use internally.

For sharing files, you can use a local FTP server. A nice program to do this is Filezilla, or otherwise the FireFTP Plugin for Firefox. You find the access credentials in the main room on the 1st floor.
Files uploaded on the FTP will appear at the web page.

On the local server you also find a series of publications; feel free to add more and to mention them also here:×0/reading-list


You can find & upload pictures of Cqrrelations here:
Details for connection can be found in the main room on the 1st floor.