Dear Patarrelqtors

here is a quote (about metamodeling of node-link networks) I extrapolated from one of our reference books: Anna Munster’s An Aesthesia of Networks.

“To metamodel networks we must ask how the network as node-link figure or as assemblage for predicting behaviour has arisen. Metamodeling networks is a way of thinking networking as process rather than map or figure, taking its cue from the thinking practices of Guattari.
Metamodeling, Guattari suggested, aims to critically graft a series of rough working forms/formations together that collectively and heterogenously diagram the singularity of an experience. Such a process of diagramming should work expressly against the production of universal models, which he believed only served to enforce habitual modes of living.”

Two things: models not as fixed figures but as dynamic processes; and avoiding universal definitions to express the singularity of a thing (for example a potato). Which seems what is happening here at Cqrrelations.