Reading list

Publications you can find on the local server:

– Geoffrey Bowker, Susan Leigh Star, Sorting Things Out
– Geoffrey Bowker, All Knowledge is local
– Anna Munster, An Aesthesia of Networks
– Anna Munster, Materializing New Media
– Bernard E Harcourt, Against Prediction, 2007
– Paul Dourish & Geneviève Bell, Divining a Digital Future
– Christophe Steiner, Automate This: how algorithms took over our Markets, Our Jobs…
– Sharad Goel, Predicting Consumer Behavior with websearch
– H. Andrew Schwartz, Personality, Gender and Age in the Language of Social Media
– Vaishali Mahalingam, Who can wait for the future
– Martha Lampland & Susan Leigh Star, Standards and their stories
– Geoff Cox, Speaking Code
– Kenneth Goldsmith, Uncreative writing
– D. Jurafsky & J.H. Martin (2009) Speech and Language Processing – An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Speech Recognition (2nd ed). Pearson Education, USA.
– Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, Edward Loper, Natural Language Processing with Python

– Antoinette Rouvroy, Données sans personne
– Geoffrey Bowker, A plea for Pleats
– Geoffrey Bowker, David Ribes, Between meaning and machine: Learning to represent
the knowledge of communities
– Katie Vann, Geoffrey Bowker, Instrumentalizing the Truth of Practice
– Geoffrey Bowker, Florence Millerand, Metadata Standards Trajectories and Enactment in the Life of an Ontology
– Ippolita, Epistemology, ontology and others logoi in digital times
– Matteo pasquinelli, Google’s PageRank Algorithm: A Diagram of the
Cognitive Capitalism and the Rentier of the Common Intellect
– Tyler Reigeluth, Why data is not enough: Digital traces as control of self and self-control
– Anne Helmond, The Algorithmization of the Hyperlink
– Edward R. Tufte, datavisualisatie
– Martha Lampland & Susan Leigh Star, Standards and their stories
– INC, Society of the query Reader

Just for reference, not available locally:
– John Brunner, The Jagged Orbit, 1970 (sf) and a contemporary analysis on big data taking this d-booka s a reference:
– Philip K Dick, Minority Report
– Robert Harris, The Fear-index, 2013 (thriller)
– Transcendance (film)